Personal Defense Connection (PDC) is a family owned business. Owner Dave Pike has extensive training in Self Defense, PPCT and Weapons Training. Whether you’re a Business Owner, a Criminal Justice Agency/Agent, someone who wants to obtain your MI CPL License or just someone who wants to feel safer in your home or community, Personal Defense Connection can help. Dave is certified in PPCT, NRA pistol classes, and MCRGO MI CPL. He also teaches NON-martial arts Self Defense Classes and Basic Security Classes.
PDC specializes in improving people’s self defense through education and training.  

We work with criminal justice agencies as well as community groups and individuals.  Our goal is to create an ongoing training relationship with all of our clients and class members in order to enhance self defense and reduce the number of victims in our communities.

Real personal defense requires a critical connection between emotion, mind and physical skill.  PDC connects these personal attributes to increase your confidence and ability to prepare for, perceive, and act to avoid danger or defend yourself (or others) when confronted with real personal violence.

Meet the Instructor:

head shotInstructor Dave Pike worked as a defensive tactics and weapons trainer for the Michigan Department of Corrections for over 25 years. He offers subject control training for Law Enforcement/Corrections agencies as well as self defense and firearms instruction for other groups and individuals.  He is a part time instructor at a local community college in their Criminal Justice Program. Dave has worked as a Prison Corrections Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant and Staff Trainer.  He has trained thousands of Prison, Parole and Probation staff & trainers in several defensive tactics and weapons programs. Dave also spent time working for the Homeland Security Corporation as a T.S.A. Passenger Screener Instructor (back when TSA was cool 🙂 ).

About Us: 

Dave Pike, founder of Personal Defense Connection, has extensive training in defensive tactics and situational awareness. Co-founder Billee Pike has done years of extensive research on awareness skills, mindset, and other self-defense topics. PDC offers Firearms, Personal Defense and PPCT courses. Our innovative Self Defense Classes contain practical, effective skills designed for real life situations.

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