September 20, 2019


Welcome to Personal Defense Connection’s new website!

The goal of this blog is to help people learn threat awareness, defensive mindset, and self defense skills which will make them, and their communities, safer.

For those of you who have previously visited Personal Defense Connection’s site, you’ll notice some changes.

We’re sorry, but we will no longer offering classes in Self Defense. However, we will still post helpful articles about self defense on this new Site. And we will also continue to post on our social sites.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.

Self Defense is about much more than learning a few simple strikes so that you can disable an attacker and escape. It’s much more than physical training.

It’s about learning awareness skills so you can see, and therefore avoid, potentially dangerous situations. We call this “Threat (or Defensive) Awareness.”​

It’s about accepting the fact that anyone, anywhere, including yourself, can be violently attacked. It’s about giving yourself permission to do whatever it takes to defend yourself, including injuring your attacker, to get away from harm. It’s about thinking ahead and being prepared. We call this “Defensive Mindset.”​

And, yes, it’s about learning physical defensive tactics to be able to disable your attacker so you can get away to safety.​

We hope that the blog posts on this site will help you learn to be more aware, to develop a defensive mindset, to learn a few techniques, and to be safer as you go through life.