Class Schedule and Registration

If the class you want to take isn't listed below, please contact us. We can make arrangements to set up a class at your home, at your place of business, or at another location.

The classes listed below are held through local Community Education (CE) Programs.

Once the classes are open for registration, there will be a link provided on each listing to take you to the Community Ed registration page.

If there is no link provided, that means the dates are tentative and registration has not been scheduled. Please check back or contact us for more information.


Please Note

Some Community Ed programs charge different prices depending on where you live.

The prices listed here are for residents of the Community Educations' areas. Please see their websites for fees for non-residents.

Each Community Ed has their own cancellation policy. Please see below.

Aware Today - Alive Tomorrow   7-9 pm

Self Defense: Threat Awareness Classes

Unless otherwise noted, all classes are 7 - 9 PM

8/7/19, Brighton CE $33

8/8/19, Plymouth Canton CE $30

Break and Escape

Self Defense: Strikes and Escapes

Unless otherwise noted, all classes are 7 - 9 PM

8/14/19, Brighton CE, $33

8/15/19, Plymouth Canton CE $30

Links for Community Ed Cancellation Policies