Personal Defense Connection

 Dave Pike doing a self defense presentation at a Library.
 Two Personal Defense Connection instructors demonstrating a Self Defense technique.
 A Personal Defense Connection staff member getting ready to strike our resident “thug,” Ted (our body opponent bag) with a kubotan.
 Demonstrating a a self defense technique, the eye gouge.
PDC Simply Safer class sharing a laugh PDC 2 copy.jpg
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Knee to TED - PDC copy transparent background.png
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JP Firearm Pic - PDC.jpg
dave and ted transparent.jpg
 This class broke our instructor, lol. He finally went crazy...

This class broke our instructor, lol. He finally went crazy...

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Simply Safer Defense Class PDC.jpg
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Personal Defense Connection Firearm practice - PDC.jpg
 Class members qualifying for the Michigan CPL Concealed Carry Permit. Armed Self Defense
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Teaching a Technique =Personal Defense Connection - PDC.jpg
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