Meet Personal Defense Connection's Instructor

Photo of Dave Pike, Owner and Instructor at Personal Defense Connection

David Pike

Founder and Instructor

You're probably wondering, "Who the heck is Dave Pike?"

We're happy to answer that question...

Dave Pike is Personal Defense Connection's founder and owner. He is retired from the Michigan Department of Corrections where he worked as a defensive tactics and weapons trainer for over 25 years. He provided subject control training for Law Enforcement/Corrections agencies as well as self defense and firearms instruction for other groups and individuals. 

He has trained thousands of Prison, Parole, and Probation staff & trainers in several defensive tactics and weapons programs. Dave also spent time working for the Homeland Security Corporation as a T.S.A. Passenger Screener Instructor (in 2002... you know, when T.S.A. was cool and before screening got out of hand). 

His wife, Billee, handles all the social sites, website updates, office work and, basically, everything else. :-)

So now you might be thinking to yourself, "Why should I go to Personal Defense Connection for Self Defense or Handgun Training?"


Dave's had a whole bunch of training. He has attended and been certified in many different avenues of self defense, firearm and other training. So he has lots of experience.

Personal Defense Connection has been around since January of 2011, so we're pretty well established.

Dave has gotten loads of positive feedback from people who attended his classes. So there's that.

All of our classes are held in a respectful and considerate atmosphere. Dave is a pretty friendly guy. And helpful, too. 

So there you go. Some pretty good reasons to choose Personal Defense Connection for your defensive training needs.

We hope to see you in one of our classes soon. :-)