September 20, 2019

About Us

Dave Pike is Personal Defense Connection’s founder and owner. In 2010, he retired from the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) where he had worked as a defensive tactics and weapons trainer for over 25 years. He provided subject control training for Law Enforcement and Corrections agencies as well as self defense and firearms instruction for other groups and individuals. He founded Personal Defense in 2011.

Billee Pike co-founded Personal Defense Connection with her husband. She is also retired from the MDOC. Throughout the past 9 years, she has done extensive research in the areas of defensive mindset, situational awareness, and being safe both at home and in public.

Personal Defense Connection came to life in January of 2011. We held classes in Self Defense, Threat Awareness, Defensive Tactics, Firearms and other classes.‚Äč

In August of 2019, we stopped teaching classes. But we are still continuing the blog site as well as our social sites.