A New Year Self Defense Resolution

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So... we're a couple of weeks into the new year.

This is usually the time when New Year's resolutions are beginning to melt away. But here is one resolution that you can easily stick with all year. This simple resolution is to use the self defense training resources that you have acquired more effectively and efficiently.

Unfortunately, we all have a limited amount of resources.  Even the professional full time warriors have limited resources. 

Resources for self defense training include time and money (the obvious ones).  They include the location/space (gun range or practice hall). They include equipment (closely related to money). You'll also need information and coaching (quality in this area is a must). And, finally, you'll need motivation (maybe the hardest to find).

Which Skills Will You Most Likely Need?

Start by determining which skill or skill set you will most likely need. 

For example, if you carry a firearm, practicing drawing your defensive handgun from a sitting position may not be the best use of time. Unless, of course, you spend a great deal of time sitting.

Work on the most probable skill first and then go to the next most probable skill.

Awareness is a Skill that Everyone Needs 

Threat Awareness is a skill that everyone can benefit from. Awareness can be improved by practicing observation skills. A simple drill is to observe the people around you and get a complete description of the person(s). Practicing this skill uses little time, money or space. You really only need motivation.

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Simple Strikes

For unarmed defense, a skill set that will likely be used when attacked are simple strikes.  Practicing strikes uses time, equipment (strike bags or a Body Opponent Bag). And, ideally, a partner and an instructor.  To get the most out of this type of practice, make sure you are visualizing an attacking bad guy every time you strike.

Non-Lethal Weapons and Firearms

For non-lethal weapons defense, every time you use your weapon (pepper spray, kubotan, pen, flashlight, etc.), you will need to retrieve it from where you carry it. 

To increase efficiency, make sure that you are carrying your weapon in the same place every time you go out in public. In that case, then, you will only need to practice one method of deploying your weapon.  Practicing that move until it’s smooth and fast is a good use of your training time resource.

For armed self defense, the skill you will always need to use in a fight is to draw the firearm (usually from concealment).  Practicing this skill costs only time and motivation. 

I know that a lot of shooters (myself included) like to go to the range and blast away at whatever target they have down range.  However, unless you are at the range just for recreation, this is usually a waste of time and ammo ($).  Trying to get that 2” group on a bull’s-eye target at 25 yards is not likely to be a useful skill during a spontaneous gun fight. 

Getting multiple shots on target at less than 15 feet quickly while moving to cover, is a skill that is a lot more useful.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

One more thought about practicing your personal defense skills; make sure you are practicing quality skills.  If you practice poor skills, you will get good at doing skills that don’t work in a real fight. 

Therefore, spend a little time and money to get quality instruction so you will be practicing quality skills (skills that work in a real fight).  Attend nationally recognized training courses or at least get local instruction from someone with a good background in the current science of personal defense information and instruction.

Practice does not always make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect.

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Resolve to efficiently use your personal defense resources so you will get the most out of them in the coming year.

If you found this information useful, please let us know. Thanks!

Stay Safe...

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