Are You Ready To Defend Yourself?

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Being ready to defend yourself and your loved ones involves not just physical training, but mental training as well.

“For lack of training, they lack knowledge For lack of knowledge, they lack confidence For lack of confidence, they lack victory.” ~Julius Caesar

I came across this quote in some of my old training material and it got me thinking how it is still accurate today.

Most people understand that proper training of a skill will improve your execution of that skill. However, many people don’t understand the critical relationship between physical training and mental training.

Specifically, self defense training (when properly done) not only develops skills to use in a violent attack, it also develops your mindset.

You may have the physical ability to defend yourself. But that does not automatically mean that you have the mental ability to defend yourself. And if you don't have the defensive mindset needed to defend yourself, you may not be ready to defend yourself.

Defensive Mindset is Important

I’ve seen several young physically fit Corrections Officers unable to fight when the feet and fists started flying. It wasn't because they didn’t know how to do the defensive tactics techniques. Instead, it was because they hadn’t taken the time to train their mind to do defensive tactics in a prison environment. They weren't mentally ready.

So, when you train, think of the bag or "dummy" (Body Opponent Bag) as an armed robber, rapist, serial killer or other real, live criminal. Strike that bag with the thought that it’s to save your life; as in “I will survive this."

The more realistic your training, the more you are training your mind as well as your body.

And when your training is based in reality, your confidence will increase along with your chance of victory.

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Be Safe...

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