Don't Want to Become an Unwilling Participant in a Violent Home Invasion?

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Don't want to be an unwilling participant in a home invasion?Then don't be fooled by impostors.

It's happening everywhere. And it's happening far too often. Predators are dressing up as utility workers, delivery people, police, or whatever, and trying to gain access to your home. And they're doing it successfully...

“Construction Worker” Home Invasion

A homeowner in New York was having construction done on his home. Two men, posing as construction workers, knocked on the door. Assuming that the men were legitimate workers, the homeowner let them in.

The men tied the homeowner up at gunpoint. A third man joined them. Then the three of them stole jewelry, cash and the homeowner’s cell phone before leaving. Luckily, the homeowner wasn’t hurt. (Man’s House Under Construction Robbed by Men Dressed in Yellow Hard Hats)

"Utility Worker" Home Invasion

It's a quiet day on Normal Avenue. (That's the actual name of the street. I didn't make it up.) Suddenly, a man posing as a utility worker knocks on the door and tells the residents that he needs to get inside the home to check on a gas leak. He makes it sound truly urgent. The residents believe him and let him in. He hits one of the residents in the face (the injuries are bad enough to send her to the hospital) and ties her up. He then steals cash and other items before fleeing. (Home-invasion suspect poses as utility worker)

"Delivery Driver" Home Invasion

This next home invasion left the homeowner with a fractured skull, 28 staples in his head and an injured lip. He was also hit with a stun gun during the assault. A man in what appeared to be a UPS uniform, and holding a box, knocked on the door. He told the homeowner that he needed a signature. As soon as the homeowner opened the door, the impostor pulled out a gun and forced his way in. Seconds later, three more crooks with guns rushed in. The homeowner struggled with the UPS impostor before the crook decided to pistol whip him. Luckily the two women and two children who were also in the home, managed to lock themselves in a closet and were not harmed. The invaders got away with jewelry and guns. (The article comes with a video, so you can see how innocuous the "UPS" guy looked.) (Man in UPS uniform, 3 others accused of assaulting, robbing homeowner during fake delivery)

When someone knocks on your door, ask who it is

If it is a stranger, do not let them in. And if you are alone, do not give any indication that you are! If they say they are law enforcement, a utility worker, delivery person, or whatever, ask for their name. Then call the appropriate business or organization to confirm they are legitimate. If you have roommates, family members or visitors, make sure they understand this as well. It's easy to assume that someone else in the house is expecting a delivery. Check first!

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At this point, I was originally going to make a joke about it probably being OK to open the door for the pizza guy, especially if you've ordered a pizza. Instead, I'll leave you with one more home invasion story...

"Pizza Guy" Home Invasion

A fake pizza delivery ended up being a home invasion nightmare for a pair of men. When the victim answered his door, he saw a man holding two pizza boxes. The man said that he was there for a pizza delivery. When the victim opened the door, the impostor forced his way in. Two other men, one armed with a baseball bat, rushed the victim as well. The victim was struck by the bat, forced to the ground and tied up. A second victim was also tied up. Fortunately, one of the victims was able to run outside to get help while the assailants ransacked the house. When they realized one of the victims was gone, the crooks fled. (Fake pizza delivery leads to armed home-invasion)

NO Stranger gets in your home. Ever. You do not want to become an unwilling participant in a horrific home invasion.

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Stay Safe...

NOTE: This post was updated on 9/14/17. To keep this post current and relevant, one of the examples (Flower Delivery Home Invasion) was deleted. A newer example from 2017 (Construction Worker Home Invasion) was added.

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