September 20, 2019

Hotel Safety When You Travel

When you travel, whether for business or vacation, you’ll most likely spend time in hotels. Here are some tips to help keep you safer while staying in hotel rooms.

Get a hotel in a safe area, even if it’s further away than you want to be from an event or attraction. Check the security at the front desk. Make sure someone can’t get a key to your room just by asking.

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Ask for a room above ground level. It won’t ensure that your room won’t get broken into, but thieves and thugs look for the easiest way in and out. So they tend to concentrate on ground level floors.

If the hotel has elevators, consider these tips

Observe the elevator interior before entering. Wait for the next elevator if you are uncertain of any occupant. If a suspicious person enters the elevator after you, exit before the door closes.

Never stand in the back of the elevator trapping yourself. Stand near the buttons where you are in control. If you are attacked and can get to the control panel, press ALL buttons.

Before exiting from the elevator, observe the corridor for suspicious activity.

Keep the hotel door locked at all times

Most hotel rooms these days have deadbolt locks on the door, but double check, just in case. And keep the deadbolt locked whenever you’re in the room.

Bring along your own door stop alarm that can keep your door secure even if the intruder has a door key.

NEVER leave your hotel room door propped open for any reason, even if you’ll only be gone for a few seconds. You could come back to find missing valuables or, worse, a thug waiting to hurt you.

If someone knocks on your hotel room door, use the peephole to see who it is.

If it’s someone you don’t recognize, do not open the door. Ask who they are.

If they say they are delivering something (especially if you didn’t order it), or they need to fix something in your room, or they’re from housekeeping, or any other excuse, call the front desk to verify that the person is a hotel employee and is supposed to be there.

Keep your personal information safe

When you register for your room, don’t say any personal information (phone number, address, birth date and car model/license number, etc.) out loud if the hotel clerk asks for it.

It’s easy for nearby strangers to get your information and use it to trick you into opening your hotel room door (“Do you own a 2016 Ford Focus? It’s being towed.”) or even steal your identity.

Write the info down for the clerk and then destroy the paper afterword.

Also, don’t accept a key from a reception clerk who states your room number loudly and/or writes your room number on the key card (the envelope that some key cards come in is OK, but not on the card itself).

Again, you don’t want nearby strangers knowing which room you’re in. And, if you loose your key card, you don’t want your room number written on it!

Enjoy your stay

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