September 20, 2019

The Logic of Carrying a Self Defense Firearm

I wish I had been there! I know that sounds illogical, but I would like to think that if I had been at the Aurora Theater, I may have been able to do something to save a life.

Those of you who are sheepdogs understand. If I had been there, maybe I would have been successful in stopping the killings, maybe I wouldn’t have. But I know I would have tried. How do I know that? Past life experiences and purposeful training tell me that.

I train my mind and my physical skills in order to defend myself and family; training which includes practicing awareness skills, avoidance skills and physical skills including empty hand, edged weapon and firearm skills.

My training also involves believing that there is real evil among us, so having the necessary tools (including my firearm) with me at all times to defend myself and others is not only the logical thing to do, it is also the responsible thing to do.

But having the necessary tools with me at all times can be difficult (especially when it comes to a firearm)

Why? It isn’t because they are burdensome. Instead, it’s because government officials have made it illegal to carry certain defensive tools (specifically a firearm) in certain places (like a movie theater).

Michigan law* allows a person with a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) to open carry a handgun (not concealed) in a theater. So, I can walk into a movie theater with a firearm on my hip (I’m sure THAT wouldn’t cause hysterical reactions), but I can’t conceal it, even though I have a CPL. So, if you’re a sheepdog that respects the laws, you have a dilemma.

Do you do what is necessary to protect yourself and others, or do you obey the law, leave your firearm at home, and risk being a victim like those in Aurora? Shame on the government for forcing us to make that choice!

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You might be thinking that my wish to have been in the theater is illogical. You’re probably thinking, “I’m glad I wasn’t there,” and that is a normal, healthy reaction. Most people are glad they weren’t there. It’s very scary to be a victim of a violent attack and most people wish to avoid it. I get that.

But I don’t get it when people, who believe that evil does exist, who believe that there are violent, evil people in our midst, choose not to be prepared to defend themselves.

I don’t get it that the government chooses to make it difficult for us to defend ourselves.

I don’t get it when they make rules that, supposedly to make me “safer,” forbid me from carrying my firearm in some areas so that I am unable to protect myself or others from a violent attack!

That is illogical.

Stay Safe…

* MCL 750.234d sub section (2) c


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