September 20, 2019

Would your dog come to your rescue?

I’ve seen a lot of blog posts that suggest getting a dog for self defense.
That’s not a bad idea. (As long as the dog is not solely used as a “guard dog.” They should be companions first, protectors second.)

A dog will be your constant companion as you travel down life’s road.

But have you ever wondered how your dog would respond if that road takes a dangerous turn?” asks an article by Christian Cotroneo.

Would your dog defend you tooth and nail from a home intruder? Or turn tail and fly out the door?

At this moment, you might even turn to your canine companion and offer a knowing smile: Of course you’d protect me, wouldn’t you sweet, faithful Luna

Well … a news crew [from Inside Edition] recently tested that very idea, revealing the results in a YouTube video that may spark a little friction in your friendship.”

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According to the article, posted in Mother Nature Network, the news crew, with the consent and cooperation of dog owners, simulated violent attacks on the owners inside their own homes.

The idea, of course, was to see how their faithful companions would react.

And it wasn’t what the owners expected.

Now, keep in mind that this was done with a very, very small group of dogs and their owners. So it’s not an actual study. Just an experiment.

Here’s the video showing what happened.

The article concludes by saying, “Maybe as you were reading this, your dog flew to the window and barked menacingly at the mail carrier … from the safe confines of the house. But watch the video for yourself. Maybe it’s time to look at that window-growling in a different light.”

However, even if your furry friend might not physically defend you, simply having a dog in the house can deter home invaders and burglars from targeting your home. 

Besides, dogs make great companions. They love unconditionally. They greet you with happiness and tail wagging when you come home. They help keep stress levels down.

And all dogs deserve a loving home, whether they’ll defend you or not.

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