What Others are Saying about Personal Defense Connection

I went in not knowing what to expect & skeptical that I was capable of defending myself. I left feeling much more confident.
— Nicole
I really thought the hands on getting to try out what we learned in class was very beneficial.
— Rachel
The presentation was excellent and the strategies were easy to remember and basic, yet seemed practical enough to work in an emergency.
— Keri
I liked the fact that he [the instructor] was teaching us skills that he’s used in real life, and that he was able to use his sense of humor while doing it.
— Wendy
Very good tips and instructions in a short amount of time!
— Jenn
The message was clear, instruction demo’s were excellent.
— Pete
I would definitely recommend this class. I do feel more confident and prepared when it comes to self defense. Specifically, I found the body language an attacker displays in a situation to be very useful. The techniques used to prevent you from becoming a victim were also very beneficial. I would not change anything about this course.
— Chrystal
I thought there was a lot of good tips about being aware of surroundings, and some self defense moves. I’d like to take further training when possible!
— Ronda
What did you find most valuable?
Seriously, there are too many things to list. I found the entire class informative.”
— Cheryl
Overall I would rate this course: Excellent
— Robert
Dave has many years of experience in the field of self defense and it shows.
— Scott
Loved the self defense class!
— Chris
Dave is clearly an experienced, knowledgeable instructor who made a point of watching to see where we needed additional guidance.
— Sandy
This was a great class and I’m telling friends and family about it.
— Carla
It was valuable to recognize that evil exists [and] to talk about situational awareness and to have some hands-on training tips.
— Doreen
Thanks for the info on a difficult topic to think about. I was glad to practice a quick technique to help me in a scary situation.
— Casey
I really enjoyed your presentation! It was very interesting and informative. Thank you so much!
— Kathy
We learned a lot of great stuff tonight!!! Your class was fantastic—really useful info, well taught and fun! I will be recommending you to others.
— Melanie
I learned a wealth of knowledge...It was a great experience for my girls and I. Everyone should take a self defense class!
— Cheryl
It was scary to attend, but the instructor does well at making a student feel comfortable enough to try the techniques.
— Sally
Top notch class tonight.
— Steven
I enjoyed the class, and hope I never have to use the techniques we learned, but at least I have a better idea on what I need to do if the situation arises.
— Brenda
Thanks so much for the fantastic info!
— Melanie
It built my awareness and self confidence.
— Mary
Awesome and fun, thanks.
— Mary Alice
Thank you for the wonderful class and the many very important lessons.
— Holly
Instructor is obviously very knowledgeable and provided great tips and insight.
— No Name Given
Dave, your presentation was awesome – thanks!
— Marilyn
Dave was very educated on this topic.
— Emily
I enjoyed the discussion of ‘awareness’.
— Dana
Fantastic presentation! Practical, useful and
a lot of fun!!
— Kim
Thanks for letting us beat things up….you rock!!
— Laura
The instructor took time to explain all questions.
— Paula
Dave does an excellent job! He really knows his stuff.
— No Name Given
Dave was very professional and kept the class fun
— No Name Given
Dave did a great job. He has a style that makes you want to learn.
— No Name Given
I liked the one on one self defense training we practiced. I learned some things I can use when I am out and about.
— Nancy
Everything was great! Thank You.
— Jasmine
I really enjoyed your presentation! It was very interesting and informative.
— Kathy
We learned so much and had a ton of fun at our self defense class with Personal Defense Connection! I strongly recommend that everyone takes this course.
— Kat
Thank you so much, and would consider taking a class in the future
— Kathy